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Griots Garage 6" Random Orbital with 10' Cord



Meet the best paint care tool you'll ever buy. Easily produce results that will astonish nosey neighbors and snobby show judges alike.

  • 850-watt motor, 8mm orbit makes breathtaking results your new normal
  • Powerful enough for a professional yet safe enough for a first-timer
  • Powerful 850-watt, 7-amp motor
  • 8mm (5/16") throw orbit
  • 2500 - 6800 orbits per minute
  • 10-foot 18 AWG, or 25-foot 16 AWG power cord
  • Domed, rubberized palm grip
  • 6 speed settings via dial, 1/2-speed increments

Our 6" Random Orbital cashes in on three generations of refinement. From the inside out we've kept this dual-action machine on the leading edge of technology so it delivers a greater level of comfort, ease of use, and breathtaking results. The random orbit or dual action of the machine refers to how the pad spins as the backing plate simultaneously rotates in an elliptical orbit. These two actions save you tons of elbow grease and are the cornerstone of the tool's ability to safely perfect your paint... and also the main reason Richard is quick to point out that our machine buffers require no previous experience to operate. It's easy. You use lower speeds to introduce the product to the paint and higher speeds to work it into the surface and achieve the desired correcting (polishing) or perfecting (waxing) effect, all without any hint of intimidation.


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