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Abstract Ocean

Ultra-Bright LED Interior Lights


Welcome to Abstract Oceans best selling item (and best reviewed!).  These bulbs are a plug 'n' play replacement for the OEM bulbs that came standard in your Model S and Model X.  Most owners agree the original bulbs are very dim, but would like to keep the 'factory' look.  These are identical to the Tesla-fitted bulbs in every regard, except they're 16x brighter.  These make a dramatic difference to the lighting in your Model S - you can now see what's in your trunk!  You can see your feet in the car! You can even see to the back of the frunk!

Shipping in a four-pack, the more you buy, the more you save.    We've also created bundles for both the Model S and Model X that provide everything you need to replace all your bulbs (white and red - the S has 13 white and 4 red, and the X has 11 white and 2 red. The Model 3 has 7 white bulbs).  Below is a short explanation of the locations for the S, listed in order of usefulness.  We strongly recommend also purchasing our 4-Piece Trim Removal Tool Kit if you don't already have one.  These are the best around (we've tested all of them, and don't be fooled by the cheap orange ones you'll find on Amazon and eBay), and they'll be useful for many things in the home and car.

Also available to buy separately, or included in one of the S or X packs, are  the Red Ultra-Bright lights, to replace the rear-facing warning lights in the doors.

Really Important Note: Tesla has varied the trim levels several times, so not all cars will have lights visible in all of these locations, but  the wiring is there for all Model S's regardless of trim and vintage.  Check out Abstract Oceans' installation instructions for more details if you're not sure.  For pre-April 2017 Model S's, you'll need to order the brackets for under the front seats if you do not already have lights there (the wiring is there though, promise!).  Tesla switched to an integrated bracket in April, which is still 100% compatible with our bulbs, but you no longer need to purchase the brackets.  If you're not sure, just raise one of the front seats up as far as it will go, and take a look underneath.  If you see a metal rod running the width of the seat, then you need the brackets.  If you see a chunky, plastic brace running the width of the seat, then you have the version with the integrated bracket.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review
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