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Abstract Ocean

Model 3 Performance Emblem



Remember the sneak peak of Franz's (alleged) Performance Model 3? Well, we loved the look of the rear TESLA decal, so we made our own!

Available in either a chrome or matte-black finish, we've aimed to make something that's incredibly easy to install, and that, as always, looks like it came from the factory. 

Key features of our decal:

    • Pre-spaced letters for very easy application. Just remove the backing paper, and use the clear carrier sheet to line up and apply the letters
    • Made of flexible PVC, so the letter conform to the curve of the trunk
    • Guaranteed for 2 years
    • Factory look - this is not your average flat vinyl decal

To apply it, we recommend removing the Tesla "T" logo first. Although it'll fit underneath it, we feel the look is a bit too 'busy'. The "T" does provide the perfect center-point marker though, so mark it's location before removing to help position our emblem. We've made two videos:

    • Removing the "T" emblem
    • Applying the T E S L A emblem

We'll add links to the videos soon, but the first step takes 10 minutes, the second 5 minutes, it's very, very easy and requires no special skills. We do recommend the following tools:

    • A heat gun (to soften the adhesive on the "T" logo)
    • Fishing line to help remove the "T" logo (dental floss really isn't enough for this)
    • Goo Gone, or something similar, to help remove the remnants of the adhesive
    • A plastic razor blade or other soft scraper to help remove the remnants of the adhesive
    • Alcohol wipe to clean the area in preparation for the T E S L A logo
    • Some quick wax, or other wax, to re-seal the paint once the application is completed

Customer Reviews

No reviews yet Write a review
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