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EV Tuning Solutions Bright LED Interior Lights




Welcome to EV Tuning Solutions Newest House Product.  Our newely designed LED Bulbs are a 16 times bright and a direct replacement for the factory dim lighting in your Model S, Model X, and Model 3.

After doing many installs we found that the factory wiring harness was usually very tight and left little slack to install the lights and get them back inside the trim panel. We found that designing a small pigtail on the light made it a lot easier to install without losing the connector in the trim panel or having to remove the panel to install the light. 

For Model S owners you'll need to know whether your car came with ambient lighting or not. (Under "Lighting" if you do not see a selection for "Ambient" then your rear doors will not have white lights in the bottom of the doors. Depending on the type of seats you have you may or may not have lights under your front seats as well. Some seats came with the lights but they're not active because "Ambient" lighting hasn't been activated. We have made packages for both with or without Ambient Lighting for Model S.

The white lights are available separately or as a complete car package. Complete packages will include all the White and Red LED lights for all locations based on what options your car came with.

The red lights are also available separately. 


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