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eMMC Repair/Upgrade for Model S and X


The dreaded eMMC failure for MCUv1 is an issue for all Model S/X up to February 2018. The flash memory begins to fail because it has a limited number of times it can be written to. This is compounded by Tesla excessively logging to this chip.

Some common warning signs are if the screen becomes slow to respond, takes a long time to boot up or ultimately won't turn on anymore (can also indicate a failed motherboard or power supply issue). Other warning signs could be failure of subsystems such as bluetooth connectivity, or the multimedia system failing. 

An important part of replacing the eMMC chip is transferring the unique identifiers (private keys) from the old to the new chip. This can only be done if the chip can be read. We suggest notifying us as soon as you notice any strange behavior so that we can retrieve as much data from the old chip as possible. In fact, if you have an older, high-mileage car, we would suggest doing this procedure BEFORE the chip starts to fail in order to ensure we can retrieve the keys.

Once you remove and ship us your MCU we will run diagnostics and back up the information from the old eMMC.

We then remove the old flash memory and install an Industrial grade 16GB Swissbit eMMC. Reinstall it in your MCU and bench test it to ensure everything else is working properly before shipping it back to you. Turn around time can be 7-10 business days from when it arrives at our facility due to demand and the unique nature of each MCU.  

If there is additional component failure we can repair it but it will involve additional costs. 


*This is available as a complete service from The Electrified Garage

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