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Abstract Ocean

Screen Protectors for Tesla Model S and Model X

$22.99 $29.99

We've tried a lot of screen protectors in an effort to find the very best option for your Model S and Model X, and we think Abstract Ocean has the ideal solution.  Why?  Because these screen protectors have been made for the Tesla Model S/X.  Most on the market are simply larger versions of what you'd find for a tablet or phone.  Abstract Oceans are all designed specifically for the Model S/X screen (it's all they make), and formulated for the environment in which it lives - no other retailer can say that.

We now offer three types of protector, please refer to the table and below to chose the options that's right for you.  All films offer excellent protection against scratches and UV light, and are made from two-layer high-grade PET film sourced from Japan.  All work great with polarized sunglasses, and have anti-blue characteristics (which reduces reflective glare at night).  Each pack is supplied in a very sturdy tube, and we include an applicator card and a Model S Screen Cleaning cloth.




Each protector is perfectly sized for the Model S/X screen, and with a little care, is easy to apply.  Abstract Ocean has made a video to walk through the installation process, please take the time to watch it, it includes some handy tips to ensure your installation goes well.  If you're good at applying screen protectors to your phone or tablet, you'll have no issues here.

Your combo pack can include any of the following:


This is the version used in the installation video, and you see towards the end the difference it makes with the glare.  It also does an excellent job of resisting and hiding any finger prints.  It does change the feel of the screen, the surface has a similar texture to that of a sheet of paper (though not as rough as a Kindle Paperwhite, if you've tried one of those).  The screen is no longer 'grippy' if you push your finger across it.  This protector is my favorite of the two, but it's not for everyone.  The matte texture does slightly reduce the clarity of the screen - if you have anything other than 20/20 vision, you'll never notice it, but some people do not like the slight 'fuzziness' that it gives.  This is the heaviest of the screen protectors, which generally makes it slightly easier to install.

HD Clear

This is an excellent choice if you want to protect your screen without changing any of its characteristics.  It does have some oleophobic properties, so fingerprints are resisted better than the regular screen.  The HD Clear offers 99%+ visual transparency, and is the ideal option if you want a screen protector that you cannot actually see once applied.

HD Anti-Fingerprint

This protector has an oleophobic coating to minimize finger prints.  Just like your smartphone, you'll still see fingerprints, but with a quick wipe they're gone.  In all other regards, it's just like the HD Clear variant.  

If you're not sure, or think you might need a practise run, then pick one of the combo options to get 2 screen protectors at a reduced price.

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