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Corrosion Resistant GEOMET Coated Brake Rotors and Pads for Tesla Model S 2012-2020 Model x 2016-2020 (Out of Stock until Mid-May)


EV Tuning Solutions has found a high quality source for aftermarket replacement brakes for Tesla Model S from 2012-2016 and Model X 2016. A side effect of using Regen braking is that hydraulic brakes are not used frequently or heavily. This causes the rotors to build up with the rust, the calipers to corrode if they didn't come painted and the caliper hardware and pads to seize in the caliper. We have put together a few different options to bring your braking system back to original performance or increase the performance over and above what you originally had from the factory. FREE SHIPPING!

We are offering GEOMET replacement rotors for the performance minded owner.

These rotors are available in 4 different versions

  • Blank (like the stock rotors)
  • Drilled (Small holes drilled in the face of the rotor) **
  • Slotted (small channels machined in the rotor) **
  • Drilled and Slotted (combination of holes drilled in the face of the rotor and the small channels)**

*Ships in 1-3 business days

**Requires 3-4 additional business days for machine work before shipping.

High Carbon Casting: Have been specially engineered to enhace noise dampening characteristics, all while providing the best in strength, stability, durability and performance. ncreased Carbon, Molybdenum and Chromium makes it perfect for use with any vehicles, driving styles and conditions.

Geomet Finish: Engineered for only the best performance and durability the R1 Carbon GEOMET Series boast a very long lasting superior corrosion protection through its special GEOMET finish.

OEM Vane Configuration: Rotors have been engineered to match OEM technology to give equal or improved braking performance over OEM Rotors. One they have been constructed, each of the corese is dipped in a special formula whic is designed to create a smoother finish and improve airflow throughout the rotor.

Split-Core Technology: Brake rotors include a special OE split-core technology, which dissipates heat evenly and faster. Split vane casting also makes the rotor stronger. Together, all this combined offeres a consistent, high-performance braking experience.

Blank Rotors are what most people will chose and they are meant to be a factory replacement rotor.

Drilled rotors offer a small amount of additional cooling but are typically chosen for their aesthetic appeal. Most high end sports cars come with drilled rotors from the factory. 

Slotted Rotors have small channels cut into the face of the rotor. These channels help keep the fact of the pads from glazing over as well as release any gas that might be produced by the brake pads during heaving braking. This gas build up can lead to brake fade and a soft feeling pedal. 

Drilled and Slotted is basically a compromise between the two where they aesthetically look appealing and sporty and have the functionality that the slotting provides. 

We have 3 different versions of brake pads available. 

Ceramic (Low brake dust, low noise, medium friction)

Semi-Metallic (Moderate brake dust, low noise, high friction)

OE Formula (Low Brake Dust, Low noise, low friction)

Ceramic pads will offer the lowest amount of dust, the least amount of noise, and the longest rotor and pad life.

Semi-Metallic Pads will offer more brake dust, slightly more noise, and slightly shorter rotor life.

OE Formula Pads will be identical to what the factor brake pads are in terms of dust, performance and rotor life. 

Caliper hardware can get corroded and seized over time. It is a cheap and easy thing to replace since the hardware has to be removed in order to install new brake pads. We highly recommend replacing the hardware to ensure no brake noise and smooth operation.


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