Made from exactly the same film as our highly-rated Model S and X screen protectors, we offer four types of protector, Matte, HD Clear, HD anti-fingerprint and HD 5H Anti-scratch and anti-shock film. All protectors offer excellent protection against scratches and UV light, and are made from two-layer high-grade PET film sourced from Japan designed specifically for use in cars (this is important to prevent issues with polarized glasses). Because they're designed for automotive use, they all have anti-blue characteristics (which reduces reflective glare at night). Each pack is supplied with an applicator card and a cleaning cloth. Each protector is perfectly sized for the Model 3 screen, and with just a little care is easy to apply.  A link to full instructions are included with each screen protector, and an installation video is coming soon (just as soon as we get our Model 3 - currently due before the end of February!).




Which option should I choose to reduce fingerprints?

This is the most popular question, and something of a contradiction.  No screen protector can reduce fingerprints, they can either hide them, or make them much easier to clean off.  Most cellphone fall into the latter category; they have an oleophobic coating that does little to prevent fingerprints, but does make it much easier to clean them off, typically just pulling your phone out of your pocket does the job.  This is the same as our HD Anti-fingerprint protector; it's basically the HD Clear protector, with an additional oleophobic coating. The Anti-glare/matte screen protector hides any fingerprints. Really well.  So if you're good with cleaning the screen every week or so, pick the anti-fingerprint option, but if you'd rather leave it for longer, we'd recommend the anti-glare/matte protector.

Which is the easiest to install?

Probably the 5H protector.  It's much less flexible than the other options, making it less fiddly to install.  This is also why it's sold in just a single pack, as you're less likely to need a do-over with it.

I'm worried I'll screw up the installation :-(

Fair enough.  We've installed dozens, but there's still a knack to it.  The main thing is to take your time, and avoid dust, at all costs.  Our instructions provide more details, and it's worth buying a double-pack, as the cost is not much more, and you get a second try (if needed!).  The Model 3 is a little easier thanks to the lack of a bezel around the screen.

I'd like to order a different combo-pack

We've tried to keep things simple, but if there is a combination you'd like to see (i.e. an HD Clear and Matte combo), let us know