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Adjustable Rear Camber Bushings for Tesla Model S and Model X

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Tesla Model S, Model X Adjustable Rear Camber Arm Bushings

EV Tuning has partnered with K-MAC in Sydney Australia to design a solution for the common inner tire wear issue for Tesla Model S and X. For cars with air suspension, the ride height typically drops to low or very low when traveling on the highway. This change in ride height also changes the geometry of the suspension. When the geometry changes the camber of the tire moves the majority of the load to the inside edge of the tire. After an extended period of time the inside edge of the tire will wear prematurely in comparison to the rest of the tread of the tire. From our experience as service technicians it was frustrating that there was not an adjustment from the factory to address this issue. Now we have a reliable and easy solution to help dial out some of the camber so that you will get more life out of the tires. 15mm of movement should allow any camber setting that will work with the factory toe adjustment. Additional adjustable toe bushings are not required.

The adjustable eccentric bushings come with a bushing removal tool to press out the original factory bushing from the control arm on the side of the arm that mounts to the subframe. The new bushing is a two piece bushing with a metal core. You simply remove the old bushing and then insert the two halves of the bushing with the metal core sandwiched between them. Then the center bolt, outer washers and locking nut retainer are all keyed to only assemble one way. There is also a package of grease to properly lubricate the bushings to ensure noise free operation.

Are K-MAC bushes difficult to fit?

All K-MAC kits are designed to be bolt-on, no modifications required. They come with instructions and bushing extraction/insertion tools if required, so no other special tools needed. 

How durable are the K-MAC bushes?

It’s no wonder race safety inspectors recommend K-MAC – durability has been developed, enhanced now over the last 50 years and compared to most other aftermarket urethane bushings, K-MAC unique design bushes have a greater load bearing area and importantly K-MAC set new industry standards with today’s multi-link arms ensuring that 2 axis movement is designed into these bushings so there is no binding/locking up when arms travel through their required arcs. So the potential for wear is reduced. In addition, those with steel inner bushes are case hardened, nickel-chrome plated and have spiral grease grooves to enhance longevity.

What about durability compared to the factory rubber bushes?

There is a twisting action in the rubber (or neoprene) bushings which tends to tear the material after time. In many instances the need to provide movement in two planes forces designers to specify bushings with air voids in them, these are especially prone to allow wheel tramping with loss of traction under brake and acceleration which further leads to their premature pounding out and failure.

*P85+, Dual Motor Model S, Facelift RWD Model S and Model X all use 43.5mm. Cast Control Arms require additional washer. Machined arms do not. 

741126 - 43.5mm Fits Control Arm Part #'s

1021418-00-A/B/C Revisions (2012-2016 RWD Model S Base and Performance cars were superseded to this Control Arm when being replaced for failure.)

1043963-00-A/B/C Revisions

1027421-00-A/B/C/D/E Revisions

RWD Model S Base and Performance (NOT P85+) may have either 41.5mm bushings or 43.5 bushings depending if arms have been replaced and when they were replaced. 

741026 - 41.5mm Fits Control Arm Part #



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