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AlloyGator Original Wheel Protection System - BLACK



AlloyGator is the only TUV and MIRA-certified wheel protection system in the world, designed to help reduce curb damage on impact. Made in the U.K. from a tough nylon composite for durability and reliability, with UV stabilizers, AlloyGator provides personalized wheel protection.  One package does four wheels up to 21". Keep the wheels on your Tesla or BMW looking great!

If you have any small curb rash on the out edge of your wheel, the AlloyGators can help to hide it as well as prevent any further damage.

                     “We are not reinventing the wheel – Just protecting it”

Installation: There are small metal clips that are inserted and glued into the AlloyGator, quantity inserted based on when diameter.  With the tire installed but not fully inflated, the AlloyGator is applied with a rubber hammer around the perimeter of the wheel.  The AlloyGator is trimmed for length and then a joining clip is installed to take up the remaining gap.

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