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BMW i3 TuxMat Full Interior Set in Black



Keep the carpet and floor in your BMW i3 safe from the elements and wear and tear!  Available in black.

A sophisticated laser measurement is taken to create a perfect mold of your vehicle’s make and model.​ 

The largest possible floor coverage; safeguarding your investment within the safety and vehicle specific limitations.​

TuxMat's retention hook system is installed on the driver's mat, locking the mat firmly in place.​

Foot rest area are always fully covered.

Rubber heel pad to preserve the driver's mat against excess wear and tear.​

Back row middle hump area are always covered, where applicable.

100% waterproof. Assurance against accidental spills, pet mishaps, snow and rain.

Easy Clean-up. A splash of water and a quick wipe will make your TuxMat new again.

Slide Clips to secure TuxMat firmly in place.



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