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RB Performance Brakes

RB Model S Caliper BBK (355x21mm) for All Model 3 Rear

$1,538.00 $1,553.00



This big rotor kit is exclusively developed by RB for upgrading your rear rotors to 355x21mm (from OE 335x20mm) with an extended bracket for an instant track duty BBK

Rotor Material: Racing Formula Alloyed Gray Iron & Heat treated

Surface: EDP Coating w/cross cut grinding on friction surface

This rotor kit includes:
2 ea - RB 2pc rotors

Please Note:
Model S rear calipers are required to complete the installation which are not included in the price, but can be purchased from Tesla dealer or eBay (see reference links below)

Weight Comparison:

Size (mm) Wt (lbs)
OE 1pc (Base/Perf.) 335x20 16.8/14.2
RB 2pc 365x28 16.3
Saving/Rotor 0.5/-2.1

Surface: EDP Coating w/cross cut grinding on friction surface


  1. Alloyed iron formula adds strength and heat resistance. Heat treating further improves rotor performance for a more uniform and stabilized microstructure.


  1. The cooling vanes are of a convergent nozzle design, which increases airflow and turbulence and makes discs cooler. ( Illustration #1)

  2. Exclusive full floating design with 10.9 grade alloyed hardware. Hardware is DACRO coated and crimp locking. DACRO is highly corrosion resistant and provides a film for easier movement between the hat and rotor ring as disc expands and contracts and the crimp design provides positive engagement without rattling or torque loss at temperature.
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