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Abstract Ocean

Foot-well light bracket for Model S (Tesla Part 1016677-00-A)


This bracket is for Model S's that are lacking the Premium Lighting package, and for use with our Ultra-Bright LED lights to provide foot-well lighting for rear passengers.  All Model S's have the required wiring already in place, regardless of trim level, so if you're looking to add foot-well lighting for your rear passengers, you'll need a pair of these. Sold in single units (some people just want one, though we're really not sure why!), these are now custom-manufactured for us, as Tesla were not able to provide sufficient stock.

Please refer to part 4 of Abstract Ocean's installation instructions for further details on how these are fitted.

Note: Since April(ish) 2017 Model S's ship with a different bracket assembly under the seats, so these brackets are no longer needed.  We're trying to find out if the same assembly (without the bulb).

These brackets are not compatible with the Model X seats.

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