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EV Tuning

Milltek Active Sound Control Sound Generator for Tesla Model X



Many people that purchased a Tesla previously owned a performance ICE car. While the silence is nice there is still something about the sound associated with acceleration. Milltek has put together a unique product to give you back the sound you might be missing. The kit consists of a the sound generator which looks similar to the unit on a BMW i8, a control module that taps into the CAN Bus system for input and then power and ground connections. You're then able to use the phone app to change sounds, volume, and a number of different features. More sound files are going to be added on a regular basis as well. 

There are two versions depending on how loud you want it to be. There is a single noise generator or a dual noise generator. The dual noise generator can get up to 98db so people can hear you from a distance. 

Active Sound (ASU) from Milltek Sport is an innovative solution to enable a user controllable exhaust sound to be made on vehicles that traditionally lack the sound and tone that owners desire; suitable for a wide range of vehicles, the growing range includes Hybrid’s, EV and diesels. Including 8 selectable sound files, volume, pitch and tone adjustment with user configurable profiles all controlled via Milltek’s own iPhone or Android app

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