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Abstract Ocean

Tesla Model 3 Performance Emblem


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Tesla Model 3 Performance Trunk Emblem Badge

Remember the sneak peak of Franz's (alleged) Performance Model 3? Well, we loved the look of the rear TESLA decal, so we made our own!

Available in either a chrome or matte-black finish, we've aimed to make something that's incredibly easy to install, and that, as always, looks like it came from the factory. 

Key features of our decal:

    • Pre-spaced letters for very easy application. Just remove the backing paper, and use the clear carrier sheet to line up and apply the letters
    • Made of flexible PVC, so the letter conform to the curve of the trunk
    • Guaranteed for 2 years
    • Factory look - this is not your average flat vinyl decal

To apply it, we recommend removing the Tesla "T" logo first. Although it'll fit underneath it, we feel the look is a bit too 'busy'. The "T" does provide the perfect center-point marker though, so mark it's location before removing to help position our emblem. We've made two videos:

    • Removing the "T" emblem
    • Applying the T E S L A emblem

We'll add links to the videos soon, but the first step takes 10 minutes, the second 5 minutes, it's very, very easy and requires no special skills. We do recommend the following tools:

    • A heat gun (to soften the adhesive on the "T" logo)
    • Fishing line to help remove the "T" logo (dental floss really isn't enough for this)
    • Goo Gone, or something similar, to help remove the remnants of the adhesive
    • A plastic razor blade or other soft scraper to help remove the remnants of the adhesive
    • Alcohol wipe to clean the area in preparation for the T E S L A logo
    • Some quick wax, or other wax, to re-seal the paint once the application is completed

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