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Model 3 Martian Wheels 18"


Interested in a wheel and tire package? Mounted, Balanced and shipped to your door or installer ready to go with new TPMS? Email us for a quote. We mount and balance everything in house with top of the line equipment compliments of The Electrified Garage

  • Higher Value, Lower Price - When it comes to forged wheels, traditionally a huge price tag has been par for the course. But, throughout our 20+ years of experience in the automotive industry and racing world, we've developed relationships with top-tier manufacturers that ship directly to us, cutting costs in the process. This gives us the ability to offer top-of-the-line fully forged wheels at a much lower price.
  • Applications - Tesla Model 3 (all versions incl. Performance) and Tesla Model Y (all versions incl. Performance).

  • Fully Forged - MW03 wheels are fully forged, using 10,000 TONS of pressure. T6061 aircraft grade aluminum is used for maximum quality, strength and stiffness. 

  • Light Weight - At 17.5 - 19 lbs (depending on width), 18" MW03 wheels are among the lightest wheels available for Model 3 or Y. 

  • Load Rating - 1,000 kg / 2,200 lbs
  • Design - Inspired by the wheels on the 2020 Tesla Roadster, the split 7-spoke design is one of the strongest wheel designs, giving you light weight as well as added protection against everything from curbs at the racetrack to pot holes in the city. We happen to think they look great, too!

  • Optimized Sizing - Sizes, widths and offsets have been carefully selected to provide the best combination of looks, performance and clearance.
  • Engineering - Extensive R&D utilizing FEA (fine element analysis) led to the final design. Material was removed wherever possible to remove unnecessary weight. All Martian Wheels are strength tested and JWL/VIA certified.

Additional Features:

  • Model 3/Y-specific hub centric design, correct 64.1mm center bore and Performance Brake Package accommodating machined lip.
  • A knurled bead is used to prevent tire slippage under hard braking and acceleration.

  • Compatible with Tesla lug nuts, center caps and TPMS sensors.

  • All Martian Wheels are covered by our Lifetime Structural Warranty.
  • Each set comes with color-matched Martian Wheels center caps and black lug nut caps.
  • All 18" MW03 sizes can be used in front or rear, allowing for a square setup (same front and rear) or staggered (wider in rear). Just add to your cart 2 of the size you'd like in front, and 2 of the size you'd like on the rear.


Which size is right for you?  

18x7.5" +20 - Narrower than stock, this size is meant for optimizing range, while also helping to increase traction in cold, loose and slippery surfaces (like snow and ice). Our experience in rally racing has shown that narrow wheels and tires provide far greater traction and handling on slippery surfaces than a relatively wider wheel and tire. You can take advantage of this knowledge learned in racing and make your Model 3 or Y handle better in winter! Also, apart from significantly lower weight than Tesla's stock wheels, 18x7.5" +20 MW03 wheels will also help to increase range due to lower rolling resistance and less aerodynamic drag. Check out this video showing the massive gain in range possible with these, our lightest wheel offering. 

18x8.5" +35 - The same width as stock Model 3 wheels, but 5lbs (21%) lighter than OEM Tesla 18" Aero wheels. Improve your Tesla's acceleration, braking and cornering ability by reducing unsprung weight (weight of components not held up by the suspension). This has the added benefit of allowing the suspension to work more effectively at absorbing bumps and keeping the tires in optimal contact with the road. Our friend Chris (@DirtyTesla) did a review of this size here.

18x9.5" +30 - Use this size at all four corners along with wider tires to maximize the tire's contact patch and ultimately increase your car's grip on the road in dry conditions, allowing you to carry more speed into, through and out of corners. For canyon carving, track days and everything in between, this size will help you get the most performance out of your Model 3 or Y. This size can be used at all four corners without any modifications or special alignment needed. 


 PLEASE NOTE: For international orders, customs fees, duties or taxes are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. 

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