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Model S DC/DC Rebuild Service


If you have ever lost the Cabin Heat or A/C in your Model S then you most likely have a broken DC/DC Converter. The DC/DC Converter located in the passenger wheel well, is where the High Voltage from the battery is distributed out to the A/C Compressor, Cabin Heater and Coolant Heater. The DC/DC is also responsible for maintaining a constant charge to the 12v aux battery. Out of warranty, a replacement can cost you $2000.00 or more and inventory is always hard to come by. 

EV Tuning Solutions is offering a comprehensive rebuild service. We will test and go through the various components and replace all failed components and common failure items. 1 year warranty on parts and rebuild services. No labor reimbursement for replacements.

*If your heat stops working then the PTC Heater has shorted internally. You will need to replace the PTC Heater. We will not warranty the rebuilt DC/DC if the PTC Heater has not been replaced at the same time. 

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