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Tesla Model S/X Performance/High Efficiency Wheel Bearings


Performance/High Efficiency Wheel Bearings for Tesla Model S/X.

Set of 4

Hubs are genuine Tesla hubs that are modified from steel ball to ceramic ball bearings.

Ceramic balls are 1/10th the friction. For electric cars that means extended range due to less energy being absorbed in the bearings and also better regen by allowing the electric motors to do more of the regen braking.  Hubs will last 5x longer than traditional steel ball bearing hub. 

These hubs will run cooler eliminating micro weld adhesions, which is what destroys bearings in the race and in high load applications where excessive heat build up becomes an issue.

The hubs are also now serviceable which allows those that want to run for fast 1/4 mile time to use the smallest amount of Teflon oil to reduce friction and be able to clean out with paint thinner.


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