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EV Tuning

NRS Tesla Model S Brake Pads



NRS has brought to market the only EV/Hybrid Specific Brake Pad. The galvanized backing plate ensures no rust or corrosion occurs from lack of use due to regen braking. The mechanical attachment of the pad material to the backing plate ensures the pad material cannot separate from the backing plate. They do not contain any harsh chemicals or metals that can contaminate the environment over the course of their lifespan.

Replacement Parts for 

1055066-00-C Brembo Front

1068331-00-B Brembo Rear

1097416-00-B Mando Rear

The World’s Longest Lasting, Safest and Most Environmentally Friendly Brake Pad for Electric, Hybrid and Autonomous Vehicles

Why pads deteriorate due to regen braking: 

  1. As moisture creeps through the porous nature of the friction material it is compromising the untreated backing plate.
  2. Usually moisture in the friction material is dissipated as heat is created through normal braking routines.
  3. Hybrid and Electric vehicles do not experience this same creation of heat and as a result we are seeing a significant increase in brake pad separation (failure) as a result of corrosion, that is beginning to become widely recognized

Why Traditional Brake Pads aren't sufficient

  • Traditional brake pads are not safe for use on electric vehicles
  • Brake defects in Autonomous (ADAS) systems will be catastrophic
  • ADAS vehicles demand higher quality of all parts, especially safety items (brakes)
  • Environmental concerns continue to grow – utilizing parts that ignore this counterintuitive

NRS Brake Pad Construction

Ultra premium friction material ideal for severe duty applications and everyday driving

NRS Mechanical Attachment: Friction will never separate from backing plate

Noise Cancelling Nu-Lok Shims: 90% improvement in noise dampening capabilities

Galvanized Brake Hardware

Longest lasting brake pads

Specifically engineered for electric and hybrid vehicles

Environmental Impact of Painted Pads

3 million pounds a year of paint filled with copper, rust and lead that ends up in water supplies


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