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Tesla Model S Jack Pad Adapter

$50.00 $55.00

This lift point adapter ensures that you maintain proper clearance from the HV Battery Pack while making it easy to find the lift point with a Floor Jack. The Jack Pad stays in place thanks to 3 alignment dowels and 2 strong magnets.

It's important to mention that you used a Floor Jack with a saddle plate of at least 3.75" to ensure pressure is even under the jack pad. The saddle plate is the part of the jack that makes contact with the car. Most low profile aluminum floor jacks come with way. Older steel and under 2 ton floor jacks typically come with a smaller saddle plate. If you're unsure feel free to email us and we can confirm if your jack is compatible.

Great for just normal maintenance when removing the wheel is needed or swapping your winter tires over to summer set.

Works with all floor jacks with 3.75" or larger saddle plate.

Heavy duty 3D printed and made of durable rubber.

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