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Abstract Ocean


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Abstract Ocean knows a thing or two about LED lights in Tesla vehicles, having sold more than 45,000 of these.  So they've taken all that experience and developed their exclusive Ultra-Bright Puddle lights.  Offered in 6 designs, and plug 'n' play compatible with S, X and 3, these have the following features:

    • The brightest puddle lights available
    • An unrivalled 2 year warranty
    • Custom circuitry to ensure a long life
    • A higher-quality projection film for clarity and longevity
    • Completely plug and play - just pop the existing puddle lights out and plug these in
    • Sold as a pair

Your Model S and 3 have puddle lights in all four doors, the X has two in each of the front doors.  Choose from four designs:

      • The Tesla "T"
      • The Tesla "S"
      • The Tesla "X"
      • The Tesla "3"
      • The Tesla "≡"
      • The SpaceX "X"

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