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Abstract Ocean

Ultra-Bright Red LED Light Kit (4 bulbs)


Over a year in development, Abstract Ocean is proud to bring you their Ultra-bright Red LED bulbs!  This kit contains 4 bulbs.

These bulbs are a plug 'n' play replacement for the OEM bulbs that came standard in your Model S and X.  Most owners agree the original bulbs are very dim, but would like to keep the 'factory' look.  These are identical to the Tesla-fitted bulbs in every regard, except they're 16x brighter.  Bear in mind that perception of light is not on a linear scale, so although technically 16x brighter, the perceived reality will be less than that, as most of the interior surfaces tend to absorb light.  The reality though, is that these make a dramatic difference to the lighting in your Model S.

Shipping in a four-pack, these have RED lenses and are designed to replace the warning lights on the inside edge of the doors.  If you're looking for the clear-lens version to upgrade your frunk, trunk and footwell lighting, please go here.

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