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Unplugged Performance

Unplugged Performance Performance Headlight Set 2.0


Improve lighting performance, safety and add a sporty look to your Model S with our upgraded Sports Headlight Set from Unplugged Performance!

The OEM Tesla headlamps feature a modern bi-xenon design, with the low and high beams integrated into one projector assembly. However, as Tesla is forced to build their cars with a strict cost structure in mind, the factory headlamps inherently have compromises in their design. As our goal is to maximize the holistic potential of the Model S, Unplugged designed their Sport Headlight Upgrade to not only improve the light output, and thus visibility, but to add a sportier appearance in line with their ethos.

Beginning with a pair of factory Tesla headlamps, Unplugged carefully disassembles them, in the process, removing the OEM projector assemblies. Unplugged then paints the entirety of the inner housings and bezels with a sleek, satin black finish. Next, Unplugged installs their upgraded projector assemblies with their more efficient, laser-etched glass lenses and bulbs for an improved, sharper light output. Finally, they carefully reassemble the headlights using a high-quality sealant to prevent any moisture from entering. The final product gives your Model S a more-refined, sporty look that sets it apart at the Supercharger.

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