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Unplugged Performance

Unplugged Performance Performance Refresh Complete Package


For older Model S owners looking to give their Tesla a facelift to the newer car’s styling, we’re offering our Refresh Complete Package. The Unplugged Performance Refresh Complete Package includes everything needed to revitalize the look of an older Model S, including:

  • Unplugged Performance Refresh Front Fascia
  • Unplugged Performance Side Skirt Set
  • Unplugged Performance Refresh Rear Set

The Refresh Fascia provides previous generation Model S owners an opportunity to experience that new car feeling once again. The new look follows Tesla’s new nosecone-free aerodynamic design and features an integrated front spoiler. This distinctive front spoiler amplifies the performance identity of the car and distinguishes it as a premium version, consistent with the ethos of all Unplugged products.

The side profile of the Model S is one of its most beautiful angles and these side skirts enhance the car’s natural shape, playing into the original styling cues that the Tesla design team built into the Model S’s DNA.

With Tesla’s updates to the Model S, came not only a fresh take on the front end, but also a sleeker looking, more aerodynamically efficient revision to the rear bumper and diffuser. For owners of older Model S vehicles, these parts are incompatible, however we’ve developed the Refresh Rear Set as an update using Tesla’s newer design language with a bit of our own performance oriented twist. The Refresh Rear Set is a full replacement rear bumper cover and under diffuser panel for older Model S vehicles, which provides the great aero and smooth styling of the newer cars, but specifically tailored for earlier vehicles.

If you have questions about any of the items included in the Refresh Complete Package, please refer to the individual product pages for each of the items, or feel free to contact us:

 Tesla’s production of the Model S utilizes many ongoing minor adjustments which occur often without public announcement and without following a traditional model year cycle. As a result of our experience, we produce multiple variations of our parts to ensure a best fitment match Tesla’s many publically undocumented variations. For our research and development to benefit your order please provide us with the production month/year, trim specs, color and VIN when you submit yo

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