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    Future Home of The Electrified Garage takes shape

    Posted on April 08 2019

    The Electrified Garage is a cooperative venture between Chris Salvo, owner of EV Tuning, and Rich Benoit (aka Rich Rebuilds), a Youtube personality that took to resurrecting a dead Tesla, know as Delores, on his channel.  Salvo has taken his Tesla knowledge and started a website that offers hundreds of products with the thought of bringing the best products at a great price to the community. At press time, Benoit covets more than 40 million views and nearly 500,000 followers waiting with bated breath for what he will do next.  It was natural for these two to come together bringing product knowledge and can-do attitude simultaneously to form the first-of-it's-kind, The Electrified Garage.

    Here we are watching the cement pour in the form that will become the beginning of what will prove to be a monumental endeavor.

    The Electrified Garage gerts liquid rock 

    The timber that will become the walls and roof has been delivered! Time to start putting it all together.

    The Electrified Garage building materials are delivered

    Stay tuned for updates as the building takes shape and The Electrified Garage becomes a reality.


    • Frank A Mezzapelle: January 03, 2021
      EV Tuning

      I am a producer of a local radio show in Stuart Florida. I would love the opportunity to chat with you on air about the history of Rich Rebuilds and your new EV Garage. Please contact me so we can arrange a “on air” interview. Thank you in advance, Frank

    • TitoOnDeck: March 10, 2021
      EV Tuning

      Here to appreciate this project way before this project takes shape .. yours sincerely… Huge fan of Chris and Rich…

    • Alex: January 03, 2021
      EV Tuning

      Hello rich and Chris
      Hope the building is coming along great. Keep up the good work and hope to see more pictures of the new state of the art building.

    • Hubert Browne: January 03, 2021
      EV Tuning

      Love what you guys are doing, long time follower on YouTube.

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