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    Joe Rogan hosts Rich Rebuilds of the Electrified Garage

    Posted on April 08 2019

    Tune in to the Joe Rogan Experience podcast on Tuesday, April 30th 2019 at 12PM PST to listen as Joe Rogan and Rich Benoit (Rich Rebuilds) talk Tesla.  

    Rich is working with EV Tuning owner, Chris Salvo, to open the first all-electric garage in the northeast aptly names The Electrified Garage. The two met while Rich was amid challenges and successes bringing his Tesla Model S, named Delores, back from the dead. After starting a wildly successful Youtube channel chronicling the rebirth, Rich has caught the attention of 40 million views and just shy of 500 thousand followers.  He also uses his channel to bring you on adventures in dealing with Tesla along this journey as well as his experiences trying to purchase a Tesla Model X.  Several news channels have come out to check out the genesis of The Electrified Garage interviewing Chris and Rich. 

    There will be no shortage of comedic relief as Joe Rogan and Rich Rebuilds bring the story to life. Don't miss it!


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