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    New Look for the EV Tuning Tesla Model 3

    Posted on January 07 2019

    We are proud to announce that we have created a completely new look for our Tesla Model 3!  

    We brought the car back to Craft Detailing in Dedham, MA where it underwent another exterior transformation.  Pulling off all of the cool geometric blue and green pattern making way for a fresh matte white wrap.  We decided to leave the pillars along the roof line black for a sleek contrast. A nice bright red "T" emblem on the hood, red Tesla roadster style trunk emblems and extra vinyl over the parking lights in the front, that in white, add a subtle glowing effect.  

    While we were at it, we pulled of the winter wheels for a quick test fit of our new big brake kit featuring two-piece 320mm x 26mm front and 335mm x 26mm rear rotors perfect to fit inside the factory 18" wheels with 1mm thickness improvement. The two piece design helps to keep the heat off the wheel bearings and wheels allowing the rotors to cool very well. Upgraded brake pads give you a higher coefficient of friction and similar performance to the Performance Model 3. Next was a set of staggered 20" Vorsteiner V-FF 107 wheels.  Meticulously designed with serious style and finished in a striking black contrast.  Fronts are 9" x 20" and rear 10.5" x 20".  The wheels are wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires using 245/35-20 front and 285/30-20 rear.  At press time, we are the only supplier in the country to have these wheels in stock!  With the weight reduction of the lighter brakes saving 12 lbs on the front axle(6 lbs/corner) 9 lbs rear axle(4.5 lbs/corner) and wheels saving 7 lbs per wheel front and 4 lbs per wheel rear.  That's a whopping 43 lbs saved of unsprung weight(unsprung weight is the weight of all the components of the car not supported by the springs)! All that savings coupled with the extra traction created by the Cup 2 tires is going to wake up this car's accelerator and brake pedals!  We expect to pickup at least  to .2 seconds 0-60! It will definitely be more than that on Model 3 Performance cars with this setup added.  The extra drive motor and all-wheel drive will be amazing!  

    When Elon Musk said he "Would recommend stickier tires & wider on rear for best performance. You might get 3.3 sec 0-60 mph or better with optimized rims & tires.", we decided to take him up and make it happen.  As soon as it gets warm enough for these tires to really stick in New England, we are going to get acceleration and stopping distance numbers to update this blog post.  

    Stay tuned!


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