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Welcome to the all new EV Tuning Blog!

Posted on October 13 2018

Our blog will include product installs, upgrades and repairs, new product announcements and news about what is happening within the EV community! We have a lot of new products coming soon so stay tuned.

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  • Charlie: December 06, 2018
    EV Tuning

    I was exchanging messages with Mountain Pass about using 17s on the TM3 w/o PUP. I found Fast Wheels that cleared due to a unique wheel design that allowed for a huge amount of caliper clearance for the rear of the TM3:

    They discontinued this wheel but had a friend who had these in 5×4.5 so I tried them out. The center valve stem design was a nuisance, but the flat barrel design really did provide clearance with about 3-5mm to spare. I also noticed some Nissan Leaf owners due something similar in downgrading to a -1 OE wheel size and thought a 215/55/17 would really help the Range enthusiasts. With EV Direct and T Sportline making replica wheels, how nice would it be to have a 17" wheel design with a big/flat barrel that could still use the 18" Aero cover since it sits recessed within a lip. I put the 18" Aero Cover up against the spoke design of the 17" Rennen wheel, and they were almost identical in overall diameter. I suspect the larger barrel approach gives the 17" a larger “face” than normal 17s do. It was also nice, because the m14s just made it through.

    But I knew you guys were looking into doing 17s from MP. Thanks.

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