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    Winter tires for your EV

    Posted on November 10 2018

    Here at EV Tuning, we recommend winter tires for vehicles in all cold climate areas.


    First of all, tires are developed to work in specific conditions.  Summer tires are constructed with warmer, dryer weather in mind.  The compounds that are used to give maximum stick work best above 50 degrees Fahrenheit.  Try to drive on them below that range and you lose traction because the compounding is too cold.  They can also feel flat-spotted until a few miles of driving friction warms them up a little.  Definitely dangerous to try and make it through the winter months on summer specific tires. 

    The second type are tires are all-season tires.  Tire manufacturers compound these tires to be able to function "reasonably well" in all temperatures and road conditions. The shape and size of the tread blocks are designed to allow good traction for starting and stopping as well as to push water out of the way to prevent hydroplaning in heavy rain conditions. While reasonable well may be acceptable for some people, this doesn't work for us. 

    Winter tires are developed from compounds that work best in colder temperatures providing maximum grip in dry, wet and snow-covered roads alike. The tread blocks are formed with hundreds of sipes designed to move through snow and slush as well as to prevent aquaplaning in the harshest of conditions.

    Lastly, many EV cars are quite heavy.  The extra weight can cause the vehicle to be tougher to handle in slippery conditions.  Do you want to put your vehicle or it's occupants on all-season tires risking their safety?  We don't either.  That's why we recommend Nokian Hakkapeliitta, Michelin Arctic Alpin / X-Ice, Bridgestone Blizzak or Pirelli Sottozero winter tires.  They get the job done so that you can get wherever you're going safely in most wintry conditions.  

    Have a look through the website at our winter tire and winter wheel and tire packages.  Don't see what you're looking for?  Feel free to send us an email and we'll build a package to fit your needs.  Contact us info@EVTuning.com


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