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    Tesla Model S and X Pyro Fuse Replacement Battery TLM-1530 (sold as a pair)


    If you own a Tesla Model S or X it likely has had the High Voltage Battery Fuse upgraded to the Pyro Fuse version. These were standard on the original Ludicrous P85D vehicles and then became standard on all Gen 2 battery packs. The benefit is that there are two lithium batteries and a current meter. Unless there is a dead short the pyrotechnic device will not activate. The older style traditional fuse could get fatigued over time and under heavy load it might blow even though there is no issue with the vehicle. These Fuses have a shelf life and the vehicle will alert you when it's time to replace it. Instead of replacing the entire assembly which can be expensive, you can just replace the two batteries in it. This requires desoldering them from the PCB and Solding the new ones onto the PCB. Professional installation is recommended. 



    *Sold as a pair*

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