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Model S HEPA Cabin Air Filter Replacement

$89.99 $99.95

Pre-Facelift Ships in 1-3 days. 

Facelift ships in 1-3 days.

Buy a second filter and save 15% off second.

The early Model S didn't come with Biohazard Mode as an option.  Some refresh cars also did not get optioned with it. We felt you deserve to have similar high quality filtered air the Model S/X owners that do have Biohazard mode. Our new 3M HEPA filter media is the same as used in Intensive Care Units at a hospital. It also has activated charcoal to combat bad odors. We recommend changing the filters once a year or every 12k miles. This ensures clean, odor free air inside the cabin for the life of the vehicle. 

 Filter Medium made by 3M

Air Filtration up to PM2.5 95% and PM0.3 99.97%

Replacement for Tesla Part # 

1035125-00-A for Pre-Facelift Cars

1072736-00-B for Post-Facelift Cars


*Not to be used in conjunction with Factory Biohazard Filter.



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