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    Fullriver Battery

    High Capacity Dual Purpose AGM 12v Battery for Tesla Model S

    $204.95 $224.95


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    12v Full Throttle Battery by Fullriver Battery for your Tesla Model S


    Replacement for 6007898, 1024463-00-A, 1083774-00-A, 1480221-00-A

    Important fitment information**

    2012-3/2016 RWD Cars require adapter post which we include. (See video for installation with post adapter)

    2016+ RWD and 2014+ Dual Motor car do not require adapter post


    In a high impact environment, you need a battery that is as tough as the rest of your vehicle. A battery with virgin pure lead thin plates, over the partition welds, higher compression rates and valve settings, and brass terminal connections to ensure the power in your battery gets to your accessories efficiently.

    You'll need a Full Throttle Series AGM battery. Built to the highest standards on the market, Full Throttle is made to be put through the toughest tests - high speeds, off road, on board accessories, winches, bouncing hydraulics and booming systems - and still start your engine when it's time to head back to the garage.

    With a Full Throttle AGM battery, you'll have the power to keep all your vital accessories running hot, and the confidence of knowing your battery can handle everything you put your vehicle through - and what you put yourself through to get it just right.

    Full Throttle - A Battery Built to Enhance Everything Your Ride is About


    • 12 volts
    • U1R Group Size
    • 50 mins @ 25 amps
    • 11 mins @75 amps
    • 29 AH @ 5HR
    • 35 AH @ 20HR
    • 525 CA @ 32°C
    • 438 CCA @ 0°C


      Mechanical Specs:

      Terminal Type: M6 button with brass terminal option
      Height: 6.57"
      Width: 5.16"
      Length: 7.72"
      Weight: 26.7lbs
      Case Type: ABS Plastic - Flame Res Rating UL94-HB


      Charging Instructions

      Installation and Operation Manual



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